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Spend a summer or a semester interning at an international non-profit making a real difference in a community in need!

Fara Limite offers an exciting internship program for anyone interested in any of the following: 

- Working with Children
- Community Development
- Rock Climbing
- Outdoor Recreation
- Cross Cultural Experience
- Volunteering at a Non-profit

You will work side by side with Felipe, Janelle, Alin, and other staff at New Horizons Foundation to bring about true social change in the Jiu Valley. With a focus on community development, you will be exposed to the wide variety of work that needs to be done in order to develop a community including visioning new projects for the future, fundraising, working the day to day operations of currently successful programs, and much more. You will also be given the opportunity to use your own prior knowledge and skills to choose and complete a summer long project that advances the goals of the program. 

Other opportunities you will get while working with us:

- Work at the climbing gym, teach kids to climb, and get to know the children
- Climb the beautiful rock of the Jiu Valley at least once a week with the kids.
- Plan and take the kids on the yearly climbing camping trip.
- Learn Romanian
- Live with a Romanian host family
- Develop outdoor climbing areas
- Tour surrounding cities and spend time enjoying Retezat National Park to learn about the local economy and environment

Start here!

To request an application or ask any questions about the program, send us a quick message and we will be happy to get in touch with you. Thank you for your interest!

Success! Message received.

Other details about the program:

- This is a fundraised position, so you will need to raise money to cover your travel and living expenses while you are here. We are happy to provide resources and assistance to you throughout this process.

- The duration of the program is two to three months depending on your availability and academic schedule.

- There is the possibility of earning school credit if you intern with us during the New Horizons study abroad semester that takes place each fall semester.

If you have questions or would like to apply to the program please shoot us an email at or use the message box above and we will get in touch with you. We hope to see you here!


"When I first heard about this internship I knew it was something that I was going to love. As an accounting major, it was way out of my field of study but I ended up learning that I really enjoy community development work and now think I will look for a carreer that can use my accounting skills in a community development context. If you have a summer to spare I highly reccomend this internship. The people are fantastic, the kids are so much fun, the organization is doing some legit work, and you will go on countless adventures during your time here. Best summer of my life!"

-Will Noyes

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